11 Factors that Influence Memory Process in Humans

Eleven Factors that Influence Memory Process in Humans are as follows: a. Ability to retain b. Good health c. Age of the learner d. Maturity e. Will to remember f. Intelligence g. Interest h. Over learning i. Speed of learning j. Meaningfulness of the material k. Sleep or rest.

Memory as stated already, is a process which includes learning, retention and remembering.

As such all the three processes are important for good memory.


They include the processes to improve retention, remembering and also overcoming forgetting.

Under this heading, let us examine some factors which influence our memory process. They are:

a. Ability to retain:

This depends upon good memory traces left in the brain by past experiences.


b. Good health:

A person with good health can retain the learnt material better than a person with poor health.

c. Age of the learner:

Youngsters can remember better than the aged.


d. Maturity:

Very young children cannot retain and remember complex material.

e. Will to remember:

Willingness to remember helps for better retention.


f. Intelligence:

More intelligent person will have better memory than a dull person,

g. Interest:

If a person has more interest, he will learn and retain better.

h. Over learning:

Experiments have proved that over learning will lead to better memory.

i. Speed of learning:

Quicker learning leads to better retention,

j. Meaningfulness of the material:

Meaningful materials remain in our memory for longer period than for nonsense material,

k. Sleep or rest:

Sleep or rest immediately after learning strengthens connections in the brain and helps for clear memory.

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